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Rethinking your Social Media Marketing Philosophy Social media, in all of its various forms, has been perhaps the single greatest piece of transformative technology in the last decade. At its advent, the adoption of social media jumped from 5% of the US population to 69% in just 6 years. It’s gone from a niche way for students to meet to a daily and important part of public discourse. Social media is, for better or

How Cities Like Denver Are Transforming Urban Life If you sat down asked people to associate words with their local city government, “technology” is rarely the term people would choose. Unfortunately, as we march into 21st century many cities and governments are being left in the dust. In an era where you can instantly contact customer support when your phone has an issue, or when you can follow your favorite star’s Instagram to see

Thanks to technology and the emergence of the Digital World, even a simple concept like the “workplace” has evaporated. We work across borders, and in any time zone; working just as efficiently from the beach as we would from our offices. Now, our laptops are our office, effortlessly letting us have virtual meetings with colleagues and clients around the world. No longer limited by using the talent available in their area, businesses are

Why Your Digital Identity Can’t be an Afterthought I’ve been working with businesses for over 17 years, and in that time the world has become fundamentally different than when I started. Back then, we had the internet and mobile phones but couldn’t even imagine smartphones, streaming services, social media, and the other technologies that are now commonplace. I’m from the generation that saw the record player change into the cassette player, to the CD